What to Expect When Your Tree Arrives

Ready to Display, Right Out of the Box!
When you order a live decorated holiday tree from Jackson & Perkins, it arrives in our special shake-proof container, keeping all the ornaments and lights in place throughout the journey. This container features a unique “front door” opening that makes it easy for you to open the box right-side-up and remove the tree.

Perfectly Decorated, Right Out of the Box Once the tree is out of the box, just fluff up the branches, plug in the string of tiny white lights, and admire. Your fragrant, living holiday tree is all set!

Jackson & Perkins has the largest assortment of holiday trees available anywhere, including both natural and frosted versions. Our natural trees can even be replanted outside after the holidays, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come! The frosted trees are not recommended for replanting, however. We also offer a variety of sizes, from larger two-gallon ones that are 28-32 inches high to smaller tabletop versions that are only 22-24 inches tall!

We know you're going to love the selection and quality of these decorated trees. We truly have something for everyone and every situation. Each holiday season, more and more of our customers are sending them as gifts to friends or family in nursing homes, to teachers, employees, and garden enthusiasts. Their convenient size makes them perfect accents for tables, countertops, and entryways. And of course, they're wonderful for anyone who no longer has the desire or ability to decorate a larger tree. We hope you'll find the one that's just right for you and make it a part of your holiday tradition!