Hibiscus Plants

Plant these sun-loving stunners

Hibiscus are sun-loving tropical plants with large, exotic-looking flowers. You’ll enjoy a colorful display of crepe paper like tropical blooms in all shades of color. Here at Jackson & Perkins, we have chosen some of the most beautiful hibiscus plants for sale for you.

Most gardeners prefer to grow their hibiscus shrub in a container so they can move the hibiscus if necessary and give it sunlight (about six hours a day). Hibiscus plants are very intolerant of cold weather and will not survive in temperatures below freezing. If your plant is growing in a container, bring it indoors when the temperatures drop.

Hibiscus adapt to living indoors all winter very easily and are very low maintenance. Place in a sunny location and allow the soil to dry between watering. There is no need to fertilize until early spring. If you overwinter your hibiscus plant, you will be able to enjoy your plant for years to come.

These sun-lovers are deer-resistant and heat-tolerant. Place them on your deck or patio so you can have a close-up view of these magnificent blooms that are so enticing to butterflies and hummingbirds as well.