Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Plant a show-stopping shade plant

Coral Bells, otherwise known as heuchera, is one of the best plants to grow in almost any garden. These plants grow in a neat mound shape with foliage that is one of the most beautiful in the garden. Heuchera’s colored leaves come in deep purple leaves to red, pink to salmon color, and greens from dark shades to a lime green. Many of the heuchera are bicolored and some are ruffled. But that’s not all! Your heuchera will bloom with multiple long spikes covered with bell-shaped flowers from which it gets its common name: “Coral Bells” plant. These flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds, so expect to see them visiting your garden on a regular basis.

Heucheras are a favorite of gardeners everywhere as they are as happy in the south as they are in the north. This perennial will return year after year, even as far north as Zone 4 and as far south as Zone 9. It can tolerate humidity, heat and drought as well. Coral bells will do well in full sun but also in those difficult shade gardens. They are the perfect choice for a woodland garden where the beautiful and colorful foliage will bring a welcome burst of color throughout the growing season. Heuchera is a great choice for the front of the border or as a specimen plant in a container. Coral bells heuchera will do well in a container garden, the perennial bed or even a rock garden. Coral bells like soil with good drainage but will tolerate poor soil conditions. This is an easy maintenance hardy plant that is resistant to pests and disease. The biggest problem with heuchera is deciding which varieties of coral bells you want in your garden.