Fresh Evergreen Wreaths & Evergreen Centerpieces

Deck the halls, tables, and walls

The holiday season is an enchanting time where we decorate our homes inside and out with the colors and materials of the season. Whether you want an elegant look this year or a more laid-back farmhouse vibe, it all starts at the door with your evergreen wreath. It sets the tone for what’s to come inside. Choose a fresh and fragrant evergreen wreath heavily decorated with natural materials, such as pine cones and juniper sprigs, as well as with bright baubles, naturalistic berries, and beautiful bows in the holiday theme. Or choose one that’s elegant in its simplicity. Either way, your guests will be greeted by the look and smell of the holiday season.

But don’t stop there. If your family members usually enter through the back door or through the garage door, don’t ignore those entries. An evergreen wreath hung on frequently used doors lifts spirits and says Welcome Home and Merry Christmas to the most important people in your life. Your Christmas wreath can be used indoors as well. Hang your evergreen wreath in a window or on a mirror above the fireplace. A fresh evergreen wreath adds to the holiday ambience wherever you use it.

And don’t forget to give your tabletops a little holiday cheer with evergreen centerpieces. We have many from which to choose. Whether whimsical, trendy, or classically chic, there’s something for every holiday decor.