Fresh Evergreen Wreaths & Evergreen Centerpieces

Deck the halls, tables, and walls

The holiday season is a magical time when we decorate our homes inside and out. Doorways and windows garlanded and wreathed on the outside set the tone for what’s to come inside. Whether you want an elegant look this year or a more laid-back farmhouse vibe, we have a fresh and fragrant evergreen wreath that will suit your taste and enchant your guests. But don’t stop there. Evergreen wreaths are perfect for indoor use too and add to the holiday ambience wherever you use them. And don’t forget to give your tabletops, consoles, and mantels a little holiday cheer with evergreen centerpieces. We have many from which to choose. Whether whimsical, trendy, or classically chic, there’s something for every holiday décor and every surface of your home. Choose wreaths and centerpieces that are minimally embellished and elegant in their simplicity or ones that are heavily decorated with natural elements, such as pine cones and juniper sprigs, along with vibrant ornaments, naturalistic berries, lights, and beautiful bows in the holiday theme. Either way, you and your guests will be treated to the look and smell of the holiday season.

There’s simply no such thing as an overdressed home for the holidays, so go ahead, turn every room of your home into a winter wonderland straight out of a fairytale this holiday season with the help of Jackson & Perkins evergreen wreaths and centerpieces. Or send them as gifts and help family and friends fulfill their own holiday dreams.