Strawberry Plants

Strawberry Plants – A Versatile Fruit with Great Color, Flavor and Fragrance

Strawberry plants are popular for home gardeners with limited space or options because they are so versatile. They can be used in various ways, including in containers, window boxes and decorative patio pots. They also make a great addition to any landscape because of their beautiful color, flavor and fragrance. Highly prized by gardeners far and wide, strawberry plants are valued for both their fruit production and their ornamental purposes, fitting beautifully into any edible landscape.

One of the best things about strawberry plants is that they are effortless to grow. Strawberry plants prefer well-drained soil and full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Strawberry plants will produce fruit from early spring through late summer. Strawberry plants will produce for years, renewing themselves from the runners they make each year.

If you are looking for a versatile fruit that is easy to grow and produces beautiful fruit, strawberry plants are perfect! You can find strawberry plants for sale year round, but they’re best planted in the spring. If you’re thinking about adding one of the many types we carry to your landscape, don’t wait — they’ll go fast!