Daphne Plants

Flowering evergreen perfect for warm-zone gardens

Daphne is a lovely, versatile shrub for southern gardeners. Hardy in zones 7-9, Daphne decorates gardens across the southern states in a variety of colors depending on the gardener’s preference. It’s easy to see why it might be hard to pick a favorite color because this beautiful shrub comes with show-stopping white or pink flowers, depending on the variety you choose. Daphne has long narrow green leaves which are evergreen.

Your Daphne plant will bloom in early spring and sometimes even in the winter months. The blossoms give a scent that will fill your garden, and your favorite pollinators will be attracted to your Daphne so watch for the bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds. Here at Jackson & Perkins, we also offer those beautiful, variegated Daphne plants for sale. They have the same narrow green leaves, but each is outlined with a creamy golden edging. The variegation holds even in the heat and humidity of summer. Daphne plants prefer light shade and moist soil. Expect your Daphne shrub to grow to a mature size of four to five feet tall and wide in a nice, rounded shape. The Daphne plant is a great choice for your foundation planting because it provides a gorgeous backdrop for other smaller plants in front of them while still filling the space it’s planted.

Best of all, as long as they get the sun and water that they need, the Daphne shrub is fairly easy to grow for any experience level of gardener. Simply provide it some nutrients when planting with compost or fertilizer and watch it grow.