Bulb Garden Gifts

Elevate any decor with fabulous flowers and sweet scents

Why send a bouquet of fresh flowers that will only last for a few days when you can send a bulb garden that will bloom for weeks, possibly even months. And for an added dimension, unlike cut flowers, our bulb gardens arrive ready to sprout and begin blooming in about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on varieties included. So, your recipients can enjoy watching the stalks grow and the flowers bud and bloom over the coming weeks.

All our bulb gardens come pre-planted in a beautiful container, which is reusable, and offer spectacular blooms that brighten even the dreariest winter days. But some are also highly fragrant and will perfume a room with the sweet scents of spring. And you can choose a garden with minimalistic flair or one that embraces maximalism with multidimensional layers of colorful blooms that mix and mingle in thematic schemes, whether in dreamy, pretty pastels or in bold, bodacious crayon colors.

Excellent gifts, bulb gardens fit in any room and elevate any décor, so there’s something for everyone on your gift list—friends, family, and coworkers. And since they’re incredibly easy-care plants, they also make appropriate gifts for business to business.