Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) – Blossoms Butterflies Can’t Resist

If you want to add color and life to your garden, consider planting a buddleia or butterfly bush. Butterfly bushes are extremely popular among gardeners because of their showy blooms and the fact that they attract butterflies. These flowering shrubs can range in size from three to 10 feet tall, depending on the variety, and produce an abundance of flowers in shades of pink, purple, red and orange. The foliage is usually green, but there are also variegated varieties available.

Butterfly bushes are perfect for attracting pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil but are relatively drought-tolerant once established. Be sure to deadhead spent blooms to encourage continuous flowering. This is something you want to do to ensure that you’re attracting as many butterflies as possible to your butterfly bush.

Whether you choose a dwarf variety for your smaller garden space or a larger one for a more dramatic impact, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty and pollinator-attracting power of the butterfly bush. With many kinds of butterfly bushes for sale, Jackson & Perkins has the perfect one for your garden!