History of the AARS 1939 to 2013

All-America Rose Selections (AARS) was a nonprofit association created by the American rose industry dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses.

In the late 1930’s, many of the large rose companies, including Jackson & Perkins, knew something needed to be done to ensure that only the best new rose varieties reached the market. The American Seed Trade Association's "All-America Selections" testing program was used as a model for a similar organization for the rose industry.

In the summer of 1938, W. Ray Hastings, the prime organizer of "All-America Selections," contacted Charles Perkins, President of Jackson & Perkins Company, to create a testing program for roses. On January 8, 1939, a meeting of 17 of the largest and most respected rose firms was held in Chicago. This group approved a set of by-laws and rules & regulations that established the organization.

The creation of the AARS trialing program finally took the guesswork and confusion out of rose buying in America. For over 60 years, until 2013, the AARS provided a seal of approval and assurance for the American gardener.

AARS award-winning roses are exceptional roses for the American home gardener. But the prestige of AARS winners goes beyond the borders of the United States. AARS standards of excellence are recognized and respected worldwide. During its existence, there was no higher award bestowed on a rose than AARS status.

A founding member of All-America Rose Selections, Jackson & Perkins is proud of its long-standing relationship with AARS and its heritage of AARS award-winning roses. Jackson & Perkins' small group of hybridizers also holds the industry record, creating 25, AARS winners.