Evergreen Wreaths

Adorn your door and home any season of the year!

A live wreath is the perfect way to greet your guests and add cheer to your doorstep for the holiday season. Our everlasting evergreen wreaths are packed with fresh-harvested greenery, herbs and flowers to remain vibrant for the whole season. Is one live Christmas wreath not enough? We understand. That’s why we have multiple wreaths to choose from so you can purchase a wreath for your windows, doors and even spots inside your house, including above the fireplace mantel and over a dresser in the bedroom.

These live wreaths will bring the sweet scent of evergreens that you love, and add a pop of vibrant green color that combines perfectly with their bows, berries, pine cones and ornaments. We even have one wreath that comes with a beautiful mini sled which is perfect for any house that regularly experiences a dusting of snow during the winter.

Best of all, our evergreen wreaths aren’t just perfect for your home — they’re perfect for your friends and loved ones, too. Need a gift for the holiday season but feel like your friend has everything? Why not treat them to a live wreath so they can think of you every time they step in and out of their home? Jackson & Perkins’ everlasting wreaths are a great way to show someone you care without breaking the budget. And best of all, your friends and loved ones can enjoy the wreath all season long.

Shop our selection of live Christmas wreaths and embrace the holiday season — whether you’re purchasing for yourself, a friend, family member, coworker or just someone special to you.