What is the Jackson & Perkins Library of Roses?

Your Opportunity to Grow New and Unique Roses from THE Legacy Brand in Rose Gardening

For over 150 years, Jackson & Perkins has been synonymous with quality and expertise in the world of roses and gardening. Now, we are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our storied history with the expanded launch of the Jackson & Perkins Library of Roses—curated collections that illustrate the essence of our brand: innovation, longevity, reliability, and trust.

We consider every rose we sell or have sold to be a part of our library, envisioning each collection as a section within our J&P Library of Roses. Instead of the Dewey Decimal System, we use common traits, sources, and garden solutions to organize and categorize roses.

Every year we expand the Library of Roses with unique rose selections that may be exclusive but are always exceptional for growing in your garden. A happy circumstance occurred for us—and for you—this year: decades of groundwork, testing, relationship-building, and growing has coalesced so that we have a variety of new rose specimens accumulated from a number of unique and legacy sources.

Kelly Funk, President of Jackson & Perkins, emphasizes our quest: "Our mission is to nurture and develop the most magnificent roses, season after season, drawing inspiration from our 152 years of excellence. Every rose we select for our Library represents a fusion of exceptional heritage and innovative breeding designed to surprise and delight customers."

So let’s dive deeper into a few of our library sections and collections to see what’s unique for spring 2024:

J&P Exclusive Roses

Are you scratching your head? Yes, we have always brought new and exclusive roses to market. Over the years those exclusives have been so popular that they are widely grown by other rose companies, Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose is a good example. Originally hybridized by J&P and released in 2008, the Pope John Paul II rose is now widely available but will always be uniquely ours as the rose’s founders.

J&P Exclusive Introduction Collection

These are roses that have never been seen outside the grower’s fields, having been trialed and tested for years to ensure exceptional performance in the backyard garden.

Beginning in spring 2023, we brought new varieties to our online rose nursery, true exclusives that you can only buy at jacksonandperkins.com. The 2023 selections are: Never Been Redder Floribunda Rose, Blushing Lavender Grandiflora Rose, and Peppermint Party Climbing Rose.

Expanding our Exclusive Introduction Collection in 2024, we’ve developed more new and exciting rose varieties that you won't find anywhere else. These exclusive roses are the epitome of innovation and quality, embodying the spirit of Jackson & Perkins.


The 2024 J&P Exclusive Introduction Collection includes:

J&P Vault Collection

As one of only a few rose companies that still maintain our proprietary rose genetics, we pay homage to our rich history with popular, beloved, and legacy roses. These rose genetics, released from the J&P Vault, are the first in our revival of classic varieties. These popular selections may have fallen out of commerce all together or are not widely commercially available any longer. We’ve changed that. More new releases from the Vault will follow each year.


The 2024 J&P Vault Collection includes:

J&P Roses Around the World Collection

Over 150+ years, you meet a lot of wonderful growers, hybridizers, and rose legends. Because we’re a brand with a global reach, we take pride in sourcing unique rose specimens from different corners of the world. These rare roses bring a touch of international flair to your garden and reflect our dedication to offering diverse rose options to our customers.


The 2024 J&P Roses Around the World Collection includes:

The Library of Roses is a celebration of our pioneering achievements in the world of horticulture. From naming the first rose after a person (Dorothy Perkins Rose) to coining the term "floribunda," we've consistently pushed the boundaries of rose breeding. Our collaborations with pop culture icons like Disney and Barbie have added a touch of magic to our roses, and our legacy as the first mail-order rose nursery business in the United States speaks volumes about our innovation.

“This has been a monumental undertaking that has been a decade in the making. We’ve used a unique approach to broadening the options for rose gardeners. An approach that only a brand like Jackson & Perkins can achieve due to our historic genetics preservation and global brand recognition,” says Wes Harvell, Jackson & Perkins Rosarian.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting new chapter in the Jackson & Perkins journey. Visit our website, explore the Library of Roses, and secure your favorites early. With superior genetics, unmatched beauty, and a legacy of excellence, these roses are sure to sell out quicky. We’re honored to continue to take rose gardens to new and international heights. Thank you for your loyalty and trust, it’s a commitment we take to heart in our work every day.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our enewsletter for the latest updates, special offers, and gardening inspiration. Your garden deserves the best, and the J&P Library of Roses is here to deliver just that.

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Library of Roses

The Library of Roses Begins

Introducing the Library of Roses

Vault Collection Roses

Ronald Reagan Hybrid Tea Rose from the Vault Collection

Golden Zest Shrub Rose from the Vault Collection

Exclusive Introduction Collection Roses

Champagne Dreams Floribunda Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

English Coral Grandiflora Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

La Di Da Floribunda Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

Roses Around the World Collection

Oxford Girl Climbing Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Big Ben Climbing Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Mysterious Floribunda Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Sunbelt Garden Flame Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection