Tips: Warm Weather Fall Gardening

August is almost over, and while temperatures will start to cool for the northern U.S., summer temperatures will remain in the southern U.S. for quite some time. As the temperatures for these areas diverge, it's important that our tips reflect these experiences. So, this week we've prepared tips for warm weather zones; next week we'll run cool weather fall gardening tips.

Warm Weather Fall Gardening

Continue Feeding

Warmer climate plants will still benefit from a nutritional diet in late August and September. Many perennials and roses still have growth and blooms on them, and proper fertilization will ensure they are adequately fed for new growth

Take Stock of the Ground

August and September are a long way from February and March when new plants may have been first planted. Now is a good time to check mulch levels, which may be running thin. Add as needed. It's also a good time to clear out any dead wood or weak growth, in an effort to support stronger new growth.

Follow good transplanting practices

Besides transplanting when the temperatures are cooler, ensure your plants are sufficiently hydrated. Water the plant the day prior to and the morning of transplant. In addition, soak the new location for the offshoot. Healthy soil is required for the offshoot, so consider amending the new location soil with organic matter.

Bring Annuals Back to Life

Time may be running out on those spring annuals, and a fall refresh can liven things up with a new look. Marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and celosia all add colorful blooms to the surrounding landscape and hold up well under late-summer heat and humidity.

Fall Warm Weather