Top 10 Holiday Plants

Having a difficult time coming up with the perfect gift? Well, these gifts were our best-sellers last year, and there’s no wonder why. From table top Christmas trees, to waxed amaryllis bulbs, JP plants are the perfect gift for any occasion. Liven up that special someone’s holiday season with a live plant gift!

  1. Gnome for the Holidays Centerpiece

  2. Holiday Song Single Dancing Queen Amaryllis

  3. Merry Mini Memories Tree

  4. Joyful Lily of the Valley

  5. Snowfall Splendor Centerpiece with Candle

  6. Santa Surprise Single Red Lion Amaryllis

  7. Joy of Christmas Zygocactus

  8. Welcome Home Wreath

  9. Winter Wishes Red Lion Amaryllis

  10. Holly Jolly Tree