Tips: Know Your Soil

Knowing your garden's soils pH level and adjusting accordingly can go a long way in ensuring long-term garden and plant health. It can sound daunting, but with just a few easy steps you'll have optimal soil in no time.

Collect soil

In various spots throughout the garden, collect a teaspoon's worth of soil from each location. Be sure to dig approximately 6 inches deep for the test soil.

Know your soil

Test soil

Combining a little bit of soil from each location, place your soil into a test kit and mix with the prescribed amount of water. The color-coded results will tell you your soil's pH level. We like our Soil Test Kit, as it can also give readings of Potassium, Nitrogen and Potash.

Adjust your soil

If your soil falls outside the optimal pH level, it may be time to adjust. Adding lime or wood ashes can raise the pH, while adding horticultural sulfur or pine needles can lower the pH.

Know your soil