Tips for Choosing the Right Hedge Rose Varieties

Simpler than you think!

Simplicity Hedge Rose So you want to add a hedgerow to your landscape or simply spruce up your existing shrubbery? First and foremost you have to choose the right variety. A good hedge rose is one that sets plenty of blooms all over the plant and that exhibits rock-solid garden performance with as little maintenance as possible.

Because hedges are often composed of a dozen or more roses, most of us don’t have time to primp and preen them, so they need to be varieties that require little pruning, deadheading, or winter protection to keep looking their best. Because these bushes will all be touching one another to create a uniform row of foliage, it is especially important that you choose a disease-resistant variety so that foliar disease doesn’t run rampant through the hedge.

Few roses possess the combination of free flowering, low maintenance, and excellent disease resistance that makes for a truly great hedge rose. Jackson and Perkins’ Simplicity® series was bred specifically for these qualities. Over 20 years of intensive hybridization have gone into making this series as low-maintenance, free-flowering, and disease resistant as possible. Simplicity® roses are particular resistant to rust and powdery mildew, making them indispensible in humid and rainy climates where those diseases are more problematic.

To create a rose hedge, plant your shrubs 18 inches to 3 feet apart in an area where they receive as much sun as possible and good air circulation. A hedge of roses can go many different places in the landscape and serve many different functions. Use a rose hedge to:

  1. Add color to your porch (as pictured above) by keeping your Simplicity® roses trimmed
  2. Create a privacy screen by letting the hedge grow tall.
  3. Plant through the landscape to help define outdoor “rooms”.
  4. Add beautiful color to the back of the border that you can’t easily get to.
  5. Liven up a fence row (as seen below).

Double Red Simplicity Hedge Rose For more information on hedge roses, visit or contact our public relations department at 1-864-941-4521.

Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, quickly became the world's foremost hybridizer of garden roses, a position it maintains today, with more award-winning rose introductions than any other company. Now, they also offer a wonderful selection of annuals, perennials, and gardening supplies and gifts.

Happy gardening!