The Great Garden Restoration – Part 1

If you are a long time lover of roses, then chances are you’ve heard of the American Rose Society. This group has a special place in many rosarian’s hearts as a source of education, preservation, and inspiration. The American Rose Center, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, has been a haven for rose enthusiasts for over 30 years. Over the years, things have changed, plants have matured, and the need for a major renovation was recognized by the American Rose Center Committee. That is where the Great American Rose Garden Restoration Project was born.

The plan was to rethink the design of the gardens and create one area and more importantly, create a Image of The Great Garden Restorationunique garden space in the world of public rose gardens. Enter Jackson & Perkins.

ARS group
ARS Group

As you may know, Jackson & Perkins has recently launched a custom, rose and perennial garden, on-line design service – Jackson & Perkins Landscape and Garden Design. Our head designer, Paul Zimmerman is serving as one of the lead designers on the Great American Rose Garden Restoration Project.

The theme of the new garden at the American Rose Center telling the history of the rose in America was arrived at easily. The American Rose Center is the headquarters of the American Rose Society which was established in 1892. They have documented, and written, much of the history of the rose in America. The question then turned to what type of design would help me tell that story.

ARS garden design

The credit for the inspiration goes to Richard Beales, a team designer with Jackson & Perkins Landscape and Garden Design. Richard is the son of famed rosarian Peter Beales and literally grew up around roses. Richard and Paul worked together to create the design of the American Rose Center, which is inspired by the inner workings of a mechanic watch. The interlinked circles of the watch mechanism lent themselves perfectly to a rose garden on a large scale. The new garden design will tell the story of the history of roses in America.

When completed, the garden will cover approximately three acres at the American Rose Center, thus becoming one of the largest rose gardens in the United States. Visitors will enter the garden in the modern era of roses and then walk back in time through the history of the rose in America.

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