Shrubs by Type

The best shrubs for your yard

Shrubs are nature’s nuggets of beauty. They complete the look of your yard or landscape with a seemingly endless variety of garden design uses and growing characteristics.

Shrubs and bushes add an extra layer of interest and dimension to your garden. Often low maintenance and always high-impact, shrubs deliver virtually any look you need to perfect your home’s presentation and curb appeal.

Use shrubs as foundation plantings that you prune into ornamental designs for a more formal look or display your playfulness and whimsy by planting more wild and rambling varieties. Deciduous shrubs can offer visual interest in the form of flowers and foliage during summer and unique branches and attractive winter bark during winter for multiple seasons of interest. Plant and enjoy evergeen varieties for constant, year-round appeal in your yard.

Plan ahead as your shrubs will be the supporting cast of your landscape for years to come. Choose from large or small, fast growing or slow spreading – or just the opposite, singular flowers or masses of blooms, berry bearing, pollinator attracting, or hedged. There are nearly as many uses for shrubs in your yard as there are varieties.

Be sure to check out our new cultivars. We’re perfecting growing in zones that might have been out of reach in years past. Hint: Smooth hydrangeas now tolerate Zones 4 – 9!

We have a wide range of bushes and shrubs to choose from. Order with confidence. At Jackson & Perkins, your satisfaction is guaranteed.