Jackson & Perkins Roses for Sale

Your Garden’s Showpiece

Roses are the bedrock of the classic flower garden. Gardeners love roses for their unique versatility and undeniable showiness. These iconic blossoms provide a range of color and a strong, distinct fragrance to gardens around the globe. It’s no wonder roses are symbols of romance, love and beauty.

While red roses are known for their vibrancy and timeless look, roses come in numerous colors — from white to pink to lavender and even yellow. At Jackson & Perkins, we carry pink roses, white roses and all types of rose varieties. Grow an award-winning display with beautiful rose shrubs and ground covers, hybrid teas, floribundas and climbing roses. Our hardy ground cover and shrub roses are perfect for cloaking and concealing bare spots, making them a great filler flower. Want to bring a rose bouquet into your home for special occasions? Hybrid tea roses offer long sturdy stems and lavish blooms, perfect for a garden bed or a hedge. Alternatively, you can plant floribundas in the front lawn, front and center, to showcase their bountiful clusters and full-petal blooms in all their glory. If you have a fence, column or trellis, discover our wide collection of rambling, sprawling climbing roses, too. Whatever beautiful roses you choose for your home, from shrub roses to bare root roses, Jackson & Perkins roses will bring exceptional versatility to your flowering garden and vitalize any landscape. Explore our extensive collection today, featuring several gold-medal, award-winning varieties.

The Best and Most Beloved Rose Varieties

Jackson & Perkins is one of the most trusted rose hybridizers. Our roses are extremely high-quality, and rosarians across the country eagerly await our newest rose releases every year. Enhance your garden with our breathtaking rose bushes for sale and explore our long-lasting, disease-resistant roses that are both hardy and gorgeous. If you’re looking for big color, indulge in our show-stopping big bloom roses for sale.

Ready to grow this garden classic? Once you find the perfect rose shrub or bare root roses for your garden, learn proper care techniques to keep them vibrant, happy and healthy. Explore the Jackson & Perkins blog to find expert advice and tips on how to grow roses, from pruning to cleaning and watering.