Pet-Friendly Gift Plants

It's easy to gift pet-and-plant-loving friends and family

We love our plants and our pets. They add so much to our lives, and both make us happier and healthier. We know houseplants improve our home environments, for us and our pet companions. They purify the air we breathe and release moisture to maintain healthy humidity levels, which helps to alleviate respiratory ailments, reduce illness, and keep our skin and hair (or coats) looking their best. But some plants can pose a danger to pets.

Just like us, our pets can be enticed by plants, whether by a lovely fragrance beckoning from across the room or by the playful movement of feathery fronds bobbing on a breeze. So, we need to take proper precautions to avoid preventable accidents and safeguard our furry friends from decidedly unfriendly foliage.

It’s always good to arm yourself with information. We recommend researching and familiarizing yourself with all the greenery that could be hazardous to your pet. Of course, today there are apps that have done the research for you, and the information can be kept at your fingertips for quick reference. In general, though, it’s preferrable to take extra caution and keep plants and pets a safe distance apart to protect both, especially if you have a nibbler.

This selection of pet-friendly plants makes it easy to choose a living gift for yourself or for your pet-and-plant-loving friends and family. These safe, nontoxic varieties keep pets and plants living in perfect harmony and recipients reaping the benefits of both.