Must-Have Gardening Tools

Garden Gloves

Whether you are tending to acres of land or a small backyard, having quality tools to get the job done is a necessity in successful gardening. Jackson & Perkins’ gardening accessories and tools make it easy to cultivate a beautiful garden. We have a wide variety of extremely well-crafted tools that will help turn gardening chores into simple and enjoyable tasks. Gardening tools are essential, so why not treat yourself yo the very best in quality, convenience, and durbility?

Gloves – There are many different types of gardening gloves that protect hands from both dirt and injuries. Gloves can help to protect against thorns and also prevent blisters from working with other gardening tools. Our Jackson & Perkins Rose Gloves are made of breathable fabric that allows you to perform all of your gardening tasks with ease.

Pruning Shrubs

Pruners & Loppers – From shrubs to roses, pruners and loppers are an essential tool to have in your gardening arsenal. Pruners are a hand tool with sharp blades that are perfect for pruning rose canes and small branches. Loppers are much like pruners with the only difference being a longer handle. The long handles allow you to reach farther and higher with minimal effort.

Trowel – A must-have tool for any gardener, the towel is great for planting bulbs, seedlings, and other small plants. We recommend choosing one with a sturdy handle and metal blade, which makes them useful for cutting through small roots and other debris. This 3-piece hand tool set includes a trowel, garden fork, and a transplanting trowel. It would make a lovely gift for any gardener


Watering Can – Both a decoration and a garden tool, the watering can is the most classic way to deliver that liquid gold to your plants. These cans can come in a variety of materials, from galvanized metal to plastic. Choose a durable can that meets your personal gardening needs and style, if it is well cared for it will last for seasons to come.