Gift Plants for Low Light

Bring life to even the darkest corners

Giving a gift is always a bit tricky, especially if you don’t necessarily share your recipient’s design aesthetic or maybe aren’t even particularly familiar with their tastes. That’s where living gifts come in. They’re guaranteed to please. And considering all we’ve learned about how plants improve our living environments and our overall health and well-being, who wouldn’t appreciate a gift that purifies air, enhances mood, increases productivity as well as creativity, and helps keep us healthy in general? What other gift can do all that?

Indoor plants come in various shapes and sizes, present almost endless design possibilities, and anchor a room with lovely organic architectural elements; but to reap all the benefits plants have to offer, you must keep them healthy. And one of the main considerations is the amount of natural light they require.

Not all our living and working environments are glass-filled and drenched in natural sunlight. And even the sunniest rooms have a few shady spots that could be enlivened with a bit of greenery. The plants in this collection require little natural light. They endure dim rooms, thrive in fluorescent light, and bring lush life to even the darkest corners.

Everyone has room for and will appreciate a low-light gift plant. And as always, you can rest assured your Jackson & Perkins living gift will be the highest quality and arrive well packaged and in good condition.