JP140418-New Roses for 2014

Rose Introductions 6 of the World's Finest Roses – All New for 2014

Jackson and Perkins has been THE name in roses for over 100 years and continues to introduce new and even more beautiful selections for our loyal customers. We are thoroughly dedicated to offering only the very best roses, so our growth and selection process is beyond compare, resulting in plants that are not only extremely beautiful but also healthy, vigorous, outstanding garden performers.

For 2014, we are proud to present 6 gorgeous new roses, which include 3 floribundas, 2 hybrid teas, and 1 shrub rose.

Our 2014 Floribunda of the Year®, ‘Crush on You’, will capture your heart the moment you see its exquisitely formed, bright red, 3½-inch, spice-scented blooms. Dazzling in the garden, they’re just as endearing when displayed in vases right in your home.

‘Beautiful Dreamer’ was selected as our 2014 Rose of the Year® for its elegant, petal-packed, 5-inch, pink to coral blooms as well as its exceptional disease resistance, particularly to powdery mildew.

Rose Introduction

‘Friend’s Embrace’ is a sensational floribunda that covers its glossy, dark green foliage with clusters of 3-inch, yellow, spice-scented blooms. Its mature size of 4 feet high and 3 feet wide makes it a stunning addition to beds, borders, and hedges as well as large patio containers.

‘Wedding Party’ is a celebration of time-honored beauty, with fully double, 3½-inch, lavender-pink blooms that fill the garden with an unforgettable spicy perfume!

Nothing says summer like large, sunny rose blossoms, and that’s exactly what you get with ‘Summer Surprise’. This dazzling hybrid tea sets the garden ablaze with 5-inch, clove-scented blooms of a gorgeous orange and yellow. But they don’t start and end the same way, instead beginning yellow with lovely orange edging but finishing a wonderful blend of both cheerful colors.

And last, but certainly not least, is ‘Dependable Beauty’, a delightful shrub rose that lives up to its name, offering exceptional landscape performance without the need for any pampering. Its pink, 3-inch blooms, which are comprised of 8 to 10 ruffled petals, are perfectly complemented by the healthy, medium green foliage.

We are delighted to present these 6 new roses for 2014, and we’re quite confident that you will find them to be a pure garden joy for many years to come!

For more information on our new rose introductions, visit or contact us directly at our public relations department at 1-864-941-4521.

Happy Gardening!