2015 Gardening Trends

The latest trends you need to know!

The 2015 Garden Trends Report shows that more and more people are spending their leisure time outside, creating spaces that balance relaxation with entertainment: 'garden-tainment'! Gardeners are also using more compact plants, and dressing up small areas with low-maintenance things such as succulents.

Pops of exploding color, such as pinks and teals are in right now, and inversely, so are rustic natural colors. A growing number of people are gardening not just for beauty, but also as a means of nourishing themselves and their neighborhoods, growing lots of edibles and planting trees and other plants that help clean the air.

Another big trend for 2015 is the whole "bed head" gardening design. This allows for unstyled spaces that work with the natural environment and includes lots of native plants, which tend to require less water and fertilizer because they're well-adapted to the climate.

What an exciting time to be gardening!

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