Jackson & Perkins Annual Plants

Understand Annual Plant Containers
The Best Annual Plants come from Jackson & Perkins!

Jackson & Perkins is proud to offer a complete selection of flowering annuals. We use the term ‘annuals’ to include tender perennials (half-hardy annuals) and tropicals, so some of the plants offered in this group will even return for several seasons of beauty in warm climates! Grown carefully, shipped quickly and safely, and ready to transplant easily into your garden or containers, our annual plants are the very best you will find. Your garden deserves nothing less!

Larger Pots, Larger Plants!

This season we are proud to continue to offer you premium annual combinations in 4” round pots. Each pot contains three well rooted plants. Plant one pot in a 12” hanging basket or all three pots in a larger container for a show stopping floral display! Our single plants are grown in 2.5” pots. We have carefully selected the varieties that grow best in this size container. They will arrive with strong root systems, ready to take off once planted in your garden.

The Best Plants Grow in the Best "Soil"

To get our annual plants off to the best possible start, our flowering and vegetable seedlings are grown in a custom blend of media that encourages quicker rooting, better branching, and more vigorous growth. A scientific approach to pH balance, plus the best environmental controls in our greenhouses, produces better root development and water uptake. The soilless media we use to prepare our plants for transplant into your garden or container ensures that they are healthy, robust, and ready to establish.

The Shipping’s a Breeze!

If Annual Plants require more than 3 days in transit, you will receive Express Shipping at no extra cost! We know that our plants go from greenhouse to garden promptly and safely, and you know that you’re getting quality plants delivered to your door in premium conditions at a bargain price!

And for Peace of Mind . . . Our Guarantee of Satisfaction!

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we live by our good name. We have been delighting American gardeners for decades with the highest-quality roses, annual plants, and garden gifts, and we want you to be thoroughly satisfied with every item you receive from us.

However, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. In those cases—when a plant does not arrive in peak condition or perform as promised—Jackson & Perkins’s Product Guarantee goes into effect:

  • We guarantee all Jackson & Perkins products to be high quality, true to type, shipped properly, and to perform as advertised. If your plant has received our recommended care and doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, notify us and we will replace it free of charge.
  • If any plant was damaged in shipping, please contact us at info@jacksonandperkins.com within 48 hours.
  • If any annual plant does not meet your standards, contact us at info@jacksonandperkins.com within 14 days of receiving the plant.

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Happy gardening from your friends at Jackson & Perkins!