Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

4.5% Commission
30 Return Days

Join the Jackson & Perkins Affiliate Program and earn profits today, while providing your customers with access to our always dependable great service and prices.

Make a connection with Jackson & Perkins' extensive horticultural background and world-famous catalogs. As an affiliate, you will earn 4.5% commission on every sale. Plus, we offer 30 return days and a variety of banners and text links.

We provide all the banners, links, and products you need to get started. We also have weekly specials and promotions to help you grow with us.

Establish long-term relationships with globally recognized and trusted brands, Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants, exclusive merchants and those with highest paying offers. Find out what others are talking about with our dedicated Affiliate Relations Team that provides our affiliates with in-depth support and representation. Maximize your performance with our innovative technologies, exclusive to LinkConnector. Find out more about how we make it happen for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affiliates

How much does it cost to become a Jackson & Perkins affiliate?

You don't pay anything to join, and you won't be charged any fees at any time.

What kind of tracking or reporting do I have to do in order to receive our funds?

None. The links on your site contain identifiers that tell our eCommerce system that a customer has come to us from your website. We'll report monthly to LinkConnector how much your customers spend with us, so they can write your check and send it to you.

How is our 4.5% share calculated?

Jackson & Perkins applies any applicable discounts to items selected for the order, and then totals up the prices of all the merchandise. The value of any free gifts or bonus items is excluded from the total, as are taxes, shipping charges, fuel surcharges, or other additional fees.

Will my company be bombarded with emails and promotional material from Jackson & Perkins?

Other than checks, the only regular communication we send to our affiliates is a monthly newsletter. The newsletter updates you about special offers that you might want to publicize, and it's also a good place for finding success stories from other affiliates. Jackson & Perkins does offer frequent email newsletters offering bargains to customers who want to receive them; however, those will not be sent to anyone until and unless that individual requests them via our eCommerce websites. LinkConnector may communicate directly with you via email. Use your account management functions within LinkConnector to determine what level of communication you want from them.