Jackson & Perkins Rose Names

Jackson & Perkins Bareroot and Container Roses

Jackson & Perkins Hybrid Tea Roses

Always and Forever Hybrid Tea Rose
Nothing rivals the beauty of this long-stemmed, velvety red rose!

Ambiance™ Mini-Flora Rose
Repeats reliably throughout the season.

April in Paris Hybrid Tea Rose
An intense tea rose scent wafts from the 4½" flowers.

Aromatherapy™ Hybrid Tea Rose
An abundance of magnificently scented, perfect pink blossoms.

Artistry™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Up to 5 inches across, these blooms dazzle in garden or vase!

Beautiful Dreamer Hybrid Tea Rose
Lightly licorice-scented blossoms are packed with 35 to 40 petals.

Bella'roma Hybrid Tea Rose
Expect flowers to reach 4 to 5 inches wide, lasting nearly a week in the vase!

Beloved™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Resists mildew and rust, so humid summers aren't a problem.

Black Magic™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Long-lasting in fresh-cut bouquets.

Brigadoon Hybrid Tea Rose
Blooms only get better with age, deepening in intensity and prolonging the show long after others have faded.

Cabana™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Each deep pink flower opens from a pointed, ovoid bud to show off 26 to 40 petals painted with soft yellow stripes.

Change of Heart Hybrid Tea Rose
A true garden standout!

Clouds of Glory Hybrid Tea Rose
Perfectly formed blooms with a lovely open shape.

Crescendo™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Ideal for patio containers as well as the garden.

Deja Blu Mini-Flora Rose
Nearly thornless stems!

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose
Huge, high-centered blooms!

Double Take™ Mini-Flora Rose
Blooms may flush completely red in full sun.

Elegant Lady Hybrid Tea Rose
Produces a lavish display of velvety-petaled blooms all summer long.

First Impression Mini-Flora Rose
Perfectly sized for garden or container.

Clouds of Glory Hybrid Tea Rose
Perfectly formed blooms with a lovely open shape.

Gemini™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Reaching 6 feet tall and nearly as wide, this is a great choice for a "living wall" in the garden!

Heirloom Hybrid Tea Rose
Large, loose blooms are borne singly and in clusters!

Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Rose
Leathery, dark green foliage offers the ideal backdrop to these dazzling blooms!

Hypnotized! Hybrid Tea Rose
Hypnotized! Hybrid Tea Rose

John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea Rose
A wonderful cut flower!

Lady Bird Hybrid Tea Rose
Chosen by Lady Bird Johnson for its unusual, vibrant color and graceful form.

Liberty Bell Mini-Flora Rose
Perfect for garden, container, and vase!

Livin' Easy™ Floribunda Rose
Resistant to black spot!

Malibu Hybrid Tea Rose
A subtle scent redolent of cinnamon and cloves.

Memorial Day™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Large, fully petaled, porcelain blossoms.

Midas Touch™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Fragrant, long-lasting, heat-tolerant — 'Midas Touch' has it all!

Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose
Many Rose experts consider this the best red rose ever!

Nancy Reagan Hybrid Tea Rose
Profoundly graceful, perfectly formed blooms!

Olympiad™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Unbeatable disease resistance and a generous yield of beautiful red blooms.

Opening Night™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Beautifully formed and large flowered, as formal and elegant in bud as it is in full bloom.

Peace Hybrid Tea Rose
Rich sunset tones, sweet fragrance, and perfect form combine to make this the most beloved Rose of recent generations!

Perfect Moment Hybrid Tea Rose
The captivating blossoms bloom freely on an upright, vigorous plant.

Pink Promise Hybrid Tea Rose
Blooms combine all shades of soft pink.

Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose
Vigorous growth, superior disease resistance, and perfect bloom form! The purest white rose ever!

Powerhouse Mini-Flora Rose
The name says it all — this irresistible rose is a true powerhouse of color!

Radiant Perfume Hybrid Tea Rose
The wonderful fresh-cut lemon scent and bright sparkling color make these long-stemmed blooms most welcome in borders and bouquets.

Rio Samba™ Hybrid Tea Rose
The sizzling hues of this 1993 AARS winner make it a standout, even in a crowd of colorful roses.

Nancy Reagan Hybrid Tea Rose
Graceful, perfectly formed blooms!

Sedona Hybrid Tea Rose
Our 2010 Rose of the Year® winner boasts sculpted petals that capture a dozen rich colors at once.

Sheer Magic™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Lush, black spot-resistant foliage!

St. Patrick Hybrid Tea
These extraordinary clear yellow flowers grow increasingly green with age, creating a most unusual color that will catch the eye of every passerby!

Summer Nights Hybrid Tea Rose
Delicate yellow petals blushed with a soft, rosy pink. 2012 Rose of the Year®

Summer Surprise Hybrid Tea Rose
Nothing says summer like large, sunny rose blossoms, and this 2014 introduction from Jackson & Perkins is a perfectly beautiful example!

Tahitian Sunset™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Not only are its blooms huge, fragrant, and multi-colored in a delightfully tie-dyed way, but the plant is also blackspot resistant!

Veterans' Honor® Hybrid Tea Rose
One of the most magnificent red roses ever is a fitting tribute to the men and women who've served our country.

Voluptuous! Hybrid Tea Rose
Our 2005 Rose of the Year® fills the summer garden with exceptionally high-centered, fully petaled, cupped blooms.

Voodoo Hybrid Tea Rose
This 1986 AARS award-winning hybrid tea is sure to put a spell on you!

Welcome Home Hybrid Tea Rose
Delightful licorice fragrance.

Wildfire™ Hybrid Tea Rose
Wildfire™ is a generously flowered hybrid tea rose that sets the late-spring to early-summer garden ablaze with brilliant color!


Jackson & Perkins Grandiflora Roses

About Face™ Grandiflora Rose
This "backwards bicolor" sports orange-gold and bronzy-red tones! Winner of a 2005 All-America Rose Selection

Catalina Grandiflora Rose
Each 4½-inch bloom contains 35 to 40 petals with a darker pink reverse that creates wonderful depth and visual appeal.

Cherry Parfait™ Grandiflora Rose
Terrific blackspot resistance, and extra heat, humidity, and cold tolerance!

Dream Come True™ Grandiflora Rose
Up to 40 petals pack each huge, 5-inch, lusciously colored bloom, which opens from a charming pointed bud.

Lagerfeld Grandiflora Rose
Gorgeous 4- to 5-inch blooms are a shade of pale lavender that's still rare, despite the color breakthroughs Roses have seen in recent years!

Melody Parfumee™ Grandiflora Rose
The name says it all--Melody Parfumee™ is one of the most deliciously scented roses you'll grow in your garden!

Strike It Rich® Grandiflora Rose
Naturally disease resistant, setting abundant blooms over a long season.

Sundance™ Grandiflora Rose
Exhibition-quality blooms.

Sweetness Grandiflora Rose
Packs an intoxicating sweet lemon fragrance powerful enough to fill an entire garden!

Wild Blue Yonder Grandiflora Rose
Rich citrus-and-rose scent and unique Camellia-blossom form!



Jackson & Perkins Climbing Roses

America™ Climbing Rose
Erupts with blooms all summer and into fall on hardy vines!

Ballerina Hybrid Musk Rose
Perfect for a foundation or back of the border planting!

Blaze Improved Climbing Rose
Literally thousands of 2- to 3-inch flowers over a long season!

Blaze of Glory Climbing Rose
The color stays true even in the hottest sun.

Don Juan Climbing Rose
Fragrant red blooms dangle from vigorous canes

Fourth of July™ Climbing Rose
Adaptable to climates across the country, this Rose wins praise from all who grow it . . . not to mention an All-America Rose Selection award to make it official!

Golden Showers Climbing Rose
A constant source of cheerful color from late spring to mid-fall, it is ideal as a pillar Rose.

High Society Climbing Rose
This climbing rose is a class act, in the garden and the vase, reblooming all summer long!

Lace Cascade Climbing Rose
These double blooms appear in large clusters, perfect for cutting.

New Dawn Climbing Rose
Blooms continuously from early summer until frost!

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose
An adaptable performer in a wide variety of climates.

Scent from Above™ Climbing Rose
You will smell these luscious roses before you see them!

Social Climber Climbing Rose
The first blooms usually appear in late spring, and continue in generous waves into autumn!

Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose
The canes are thornless, making it great for planting where traffic is heavy or children are nearby.



Jackson & Perkins Floribunda Roses

Black Cherry™ Floribunda Rose
Exquisite deep red flowers and rich, old-fashioned damask scent with which it fills the garden all summer.

Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda Rose
The beauty and fragrance of an Old Rose with the modern vigor, disease resistance, and bloom strength of a modern hybrid.

Caribbean Breeze Floribunda Rose
Reminiscent of an ocean coral with the soft tropical colors.

Charisma Floribunda Rose
Absolutely stunning, with blooms that look like flames on a neat, very long-blooming shrub.

Crush on You Floribunda Rose
You will become immediately infatuated with our 2014 Floribunda of the Year®!

Disneyland® Floribunda Rose
Pink blossoms put on a fun-filled, summer-long parade in your garden!

Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose
The darkest, richest, most strongly scented purple Rose ever!

Enchanted Evening Floribunda Rose
A heavy producer all summer long!

Eureka™ Floribunda Rose
This 2003 AARS award winner is an excellent choice for spreading color through the landscape

Frankly Scarlet Floribunda Rose
Quick rebloom, compact size, and incomparable beauty, makes this rose an instant classic!

Heroes Rose Floribunda
There were countless individuals who proved themselves to be heroes both during and after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. In an attempt to pay tribute to the numerous acts of self-sacrifice that day, we named our 2013 Floribunda of the Year® 'Heroes Rose'.

Honey Perfume Floribunda Rose
Everything about this rose is superior, from its disease resistance to its intoxicating spicy-sweet fragrance.

Hot Cocoa™ Floribunda Rose
Hot Cocoa™ is an All-America Rose Selection winner, and one glance will tell you why!

Iceberg Climbing Rose
Elegant, arching branches.

Intrigue Floribunda Rose
'Intrigue' won the All-America Rose Selection -- beauty, form, great garden performance, AND sheer abundance are unbeatable assets!

Jane Seymour Floribunda Rose
A fitting tribute to beloved award-winning actress, painter, and author, Jane Seymour.

Julia Child Floribunda Rose
Named for the renowned American chef, who would appreciate its combination of butter-yellow and fragrant anise!

Kimberlina Floribunda Rose
One of the healthiest, toughest, most vigorous floribundas ever introduced.

Laura Bush Floribunda Rose
A fitting tribute to the former First Lady, who is an avid gardener and rosarian, this rose also honors Mrs. Bush's many contributions to education, literacy, and global health.

Light My Fire™ Floribunda Rose
Light My Fire™ is one of the absolute best, with giant waves of blooms all summer long (well into autumn in warm climates), huge double blooms, and brilliant color

Mardi Gras Floribunda Rose
Given top honors by All America Rose Selections (AARS) judges.

Monkey Business Floribunda Rose
This low-maintenance rose is a cheery reminder of life's simple pleasures.

Moondance Floribunda Rose
as ethereal and lovely as its name suggests!

Our Lady of Guadalupe™ Floribunda Rose
One of the hardest-working, most productive and attractive cultivars we have ever seen.

Purple Tiger Floribunda Rose
A dramatically colored bloom that lives up to it's unique name!

Scentimental™ Floribunda Rose
Unbeatable for scent, color, and garden performance!

Sun Flare Floribunda Rose
Profuse lemon-yellow blooms on a low-growing, bushy, disease-resistant plant.

Sweet Intoxication Floribunda Rose
An aroma powerful enough to leave you light-headed.

Tuscan Sun Floribunda Rose
A splendid sight in the border, containers, as a hedge, or in the foundation, this is a floribunda to enjoy all summer long.

Walking on Sunshine™ Floribunda Rose
Resistant to rust and mildew.



Jackson & Perkins Shrub Roses

Belinda's Dream Shrub Rose
Low maintenance and free-flowering.

Citrus Splash™ Shrub Rose
Bring a hint of the tropics to your summer garden!

Double Knock Out® Shrub Rose
Four-season appeal and resistant to blackspot.

Pink Double Knock Out® Shrub Rose
Possibly the most carefree and impressive Modern Shrub Rose yet!

Knock Out® Shrub Rose
Not only is it the most blackspot-resistant Rose we've ever grown, but it also needs only half a day of sunshine!

Moonlight Melody Shrub Rose
Perfect for a number of applications, from beds and mixed perennial borders to low hedges and even containers.

Pink Knock Out® Shrub Rose
Just as disease-resistant as its award-winning red cousin, Pink Knock Out® delights with an extra-long season of bloom!

Pure Perfume Shrub Rose
The perfect landscape Rose!

Rainbow Knock Out® Shrub Rose
This was named one of "The Easisest Roses You Can Grow" by Better Homes and Gardens.

Sunny Knock Out® Shrub Rose
Large blooms that open buttery yellow, then mature through all stages of cream and ivory to pure white.

Westerland Shrub Rose
A vigorous and versatile rose! Classified as a shrub, this rose can also be trained as a climber--what more could a rose lover ask for?



Jackson & Perkins Hedge Roses

Double Red Simplicity® Hedge Rose
A truly low-maintenance rose that can take more moisture than most others.

Latest Flame Hedge Rose
Set your hedgerow ablaze with blooms of such a brilliant red, they'll look like they're on fire!

Fragrant Lavender Simplicity® Hedge Rose
Perfect for border or mixed planting as well as hedge, foundation, and mass plantings.

Simplicity® Hedge Rose
Named for its ease of care, Simplicity® is famously unfussy, needing no spraying or other treatment to keep its healthy foliage and heavy flowering.

Yellow Simplicity® Hedge Rose
Yellow Simplicity® offers a hard-to-find color for shrub roses -- rich golden yellow.



Jackson & Perkins Groundcover Roses

Baby Blanket® Groundcover Rose
Compact, quick spreading, and free-flowering.

Beach Blanket™ Groundcover Rose
Vigorous and easy to grow even in challenging soils.

Blossom Blanket™ Groundcover Rose
Carpet your landscape in snowy white blooms!

Happy Chappy Groundcover Rose
The most colorful prolific groundcover available anywhere! Great for mixed perennial borders, containers, and hanging baskets.

Party Dress Groundcover Rose
Delicate single blooms offer sensational color.

Petal Pushers™ Groundcover Rose
Packed with petals, these long-stemmed roses are superb for cutting.

Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
Rich color to carpet your garden.

Yellow Ribbons® Groundcover Rose
Delights with its unusual deep yellow hues, abundance of blooms, and perpetually flowering nature.



Jackson & Perkins Miniature Roses

Child's Play Miniature Rose
This low-maintenance, easy-to-grow beauty will delight you season after season!

Cinnamon Girl Miniature Rose
Exhibition-quality blooms!

Denver's Dream Miniature Rose
The coppery-orange color on these blooms barely looks real!

Hot Tamale Miniature Rose
This diminutive Rose may be short on size, but it more than makes up for it with long-lasting, electric color!

Innocence Miniature Rose
You'll fall in love with these precious 1½-inch, exhibition-style blooms!

Jilly Jewel Miniature Rose
A prolific bloomer!

Sorcerer Miniature Rose
Very disease resistant, hardy, heat tolerant, and simply gorgeous.

Sun Sprinkles Miniature Rose
Wherever you put it, 'Sun Sprinkles' is sure to bring blazing life to your landscape!