Jackson and Perkins Landscape & Garden Design Contact Form

Our landscape designers are fully booked for Fall 2019 and are unable to retain new clients at this time.

Our minimum custom designed gardens start at 100 square feet but the ultimate size of your garden is only limited by your imagination. After you fill out the initial contact form below your designer will set up a voice or video consultation call to discuss the details of the project. You will then get to work filling out your Plant Palette form so that your designer can discover your personal taste in gardening. You can even share a Pinterest board with us! After that, your designer will plan and design the custom garden for you - every square foot of space will be planned! Once the design is complete, you will have another consultation call with your designer to discuss the project. You'll have a chance to make one round of changes to update the garden design, if desired. "Your Perfect Garden", with planting instructions and products, will be shipped to you at the optimal planting time for your zone!