How to Plant Your New Tree

5 Steps to Plant Your New Tree

When planting a tree experts recommend that you dig a hole as deep as the root ball but three times the width of the root structure to give the roots loose soil to spread out into and to set a sturdy foundation. Plant the tree as soon as possible after receiving. Cut away any broken or dead stems.

Soak the Roots

The more hydrated the tree’s tissue is the better it will handle the planting process. Soaking the roots for a few hours before planting will allow the roots to take up water.

Dig the hole

The central part of the hole you dig should be a bit shallower than the roots. Dig deeper around the edges of the hole so the sides of the roots can taper toward the edges. Keeping a firm surface of soil in the center will support your tree at the proper depth and minimize settling.

Set Up the Roots

Set the base of the plant on the center plateau. Spread the roots over the sides and position the plant at the same depth or slightly higher than it was in the field (the soil mark is likely still visible on the stem).

Position the Plant

Backfill the soil and firm it with your fingers. Add water when the hole is half full of soil to reduce air bubbles, let roots settle, and adjust the plant depth if needed.

Top Off the Soil

Once the plant is at the correct height, fill it in with the remaining soil. Firm it gently around the root area to support the plant. Water again to settle in the soil. Add a 2-3- inch layer of mulch to discourage weeds and help keep the soil moist.