How to place your order

Gift List Button It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Select your item(s).

2. Choose a recipient from your address book (for Returning Customers) or add a new name.

3. Select Checkout and provide the information requested to complete your order.

Click to return to the Customer Service page.

More information on how to place your order:

How do I select items?

To browse the Jackson & Perkins Webstore:
You can shop our Website by choosing items off our homepage or click on any of the category tabs that interest you, such as "Roses." You can can also search for product names or item numbers in our "search" box on the top right corner of the Website.

How do I add an item to my shopping basket?

Select from the Address Book (the pull down menu) if you will be shipping to recipient or "me" from your address book, or type the name of the recipient this item will be shipped to in the box labeled Add New Name, or Click on the green "Add to Basket"

Repeat this process for each additional item you wish to order.

What if I already know my items, and know their item number(s)?

  • Click on Catalog Quick Shop (on the navigation bar at the left side of the Website).
  • Enter the item number of the gift you wish to order in the box titled Item Number;
  • Select from the Address Book (the pull down menu) if you will be shipping to recipient or "me" from your address book;
  • Or type the name of the recipient this item will be shipped to in the box labeled Add New Name;
  • Or click on "Add to Basket."

Repeat this process for each additional item you wish to order.

Which should I choose: "Sign in as a Returning Customer" or "Shop as a New Customer?"

You may select to sign in as a Returning Customer or place your order as a New Customer. If you select New Customer, your order information is processed, but your information is not added to our online customer list and none of the services below are available.

Registered Customers have the following services available:
  • An online Address Book (that is available each time you visit the site)
  • Order History
  • Track the status of your order Access to your Gift List (a history of gift recipients) to quickly place orders, whenever an appropriate occasion arises.

Special Note: When Registering, be sure to note the capitalization of the password you provide. It is case-sensitive, and must be entered the same way each time you Sign In. Only letters and numbers may be used in your password.

How do I Checkout?

You can choose between three convenient ways:
  • Click on Checkout (on the upper left hand side of the Website. Look for a small green shopping cart icon).
  • Click on Continue Checkout in the middle of the shopping basket page. (Also don't miss Today's Specials on this page!)
  • If you're new to the site, click on Returning Customer or New Customer, depending on your preference.

If you've previously registered, fill in your chosen username and password and click sign in to continue. If you can't remember your password, click <#spiderLink#"MP/forgetpassword">forgot your password?

From here, there are three steps to checking out (Billing Address, Choosing your Shipping Method, and Payment.) The first step will ask for your Billing Address. After you've completed each step, click Continue Checkout. Scroll down for a step-by-step explanation of this process.

How do I complete my order (if shipping to someone other than yourself)?

Click on the button titled Click to Add Shipping Address to the right of each recipient's name and enter their shipping address. You may add a brief message for each recipient on the four lines to the right of their address.

Special Note: This message will print on the package's exterior shipping label. There are four lines of thirty characters each, available. If no message is entered, your name will automatically appear on the shipping label to designate who sent the gift.

When done, click on Continue at the bottom of the page.
Select the date you want each gift to arrive and click Continue Checkout.

You can choose between three convenient ways:
  • EARLIEST arrival date (by standard delivery) is shown.
  • Select guaranteed HOLIDAY arrival from the pull-down menu below.(We guarantee gifts to arrive by the specific holiday. Please note: gifts may arrive in advance of that date.)
  • REQUEST a specific future arrival date.

Special Notes: If you click on Continue Checkout without first selecting one of the above, your items will be shipped to arrive by the date listed next to Standard Delivery. Be aware many gifts are shipped individually. So multiple gifts to the same address may arrive at separate times. However, all of your gifts will arrive before or on the day you have specified.

Review your order and enter your bank card information.

Click on Submit Order. A confirmation number for your order will be provided, which you may want to write down or print out.

If you've selected a Personalized Gift Card, you will personalize the card after you have completed this checkout information.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order within 24 hours.

If you've registered on our site and are curious about the status of your recently placed order *, simply sign in and then click Order Status. Enter your order number and last name and you will be supplied with the status of your order.

* For phone or fax orders, please allow 24 hours for your order to be available online.