Grateful Heart™ Press Release

Garden for a cause this year!

That doesn't just mean growing crops that can be donated to local food banks and homeless shelters, or growing lovely flowers that can be donated to hospitals to cheer up the patients. You can do those things, but you can also buy the Grateful Heart™ Rose! For each rose sold, $5 of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association®, so even your roses can be grown for a good cause!

Grateful Heart Rose Press ReleaseJackson & Perkins is proud to support the American Heart Association® and its Life Is Why We Give™ campaign. The American Heart Association® (AHA) is a voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, with the mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Through their Life Is Why We Give™ campaign, donations can be made to help the AHA continue to conduct breakthrough research, engineer life-saving technology, and build healthier communities.

What does having a grateful heart mean to you? Having a grateful heart means much more than giving a simple thank you, but it means giving constant support to a person or cause for which you are grateful. The Grateful Heart™ Rose is Jackson & Perkins' way of showing our unending support to the American Heart Association® and their mission.

We think the Grateful Heart™ Rose is particularly qualified to represent the AHA's hard work and success in building a healthier nation. In fact, we have fallen so much in love with Grateful Heart™, that we have named it our 2017 Rose of the Year™ for its exceptional form, performance and cause!

More than a traditional red rose, Grateful Heart™ offers perfectly sculpted hybrid tea roses that are not only beautiful and subtly fragrant, but also on a mission! Jackson & Perkins will donate $5 from the sale of each Grateful Heart™ Rose directly to the AHA. So while you grow and enjoy these magnificent blooms, you are also helping the fight against the world’s foremost killer: cardiovascular disease.

All of us know someone who has been touched in some way by cardiovascular disease, and Grateful Heart™ enables us to honor their struggle while also contributing to the progress in the field. Grow this rose in memory of loved ones and in the passionate determination to create a brighter future for all.

Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, quickly became the world's foremost hybridizer of garden roses, a position it maintains today, with more award-winning rose introductions than any other company. Now, they also offer a wonderful selection of annuals, perennials, and gardening supplies and gifts.

Happy gardening!