Gothic Plants and Flowers for Your Goth Gardens

October is the Perfect Time for this Dark and Enchanting Garden Trend

A trendy, spooky, and beautiful way to include your garden in Halloween décor: the Goth Garden. This bewitching trend is perfect for those who appreciate the mysterious beauty of these dark, mythical, and magical plants. As Halloween approaches, there's no better time to embrace the season with a goth garden and transform your space into a hauntingly beautiful haven – and delight trick or treaters and their parents.

What is a Goth Garden?

A goth garden is a deliberate collection of plants that evoke a sense of mystery, darkness, and autumn enchantment. Think deep purples, velvety blacks, and rich maroons. Dark red roses with deep green foliage and thorns are the perfect foundation for your gothic display. These gardens often incorporate yard art and elements of witchcraft, folklore, and the supernatural, making them perfect for the Halloween season.

Plants to Add to Your Goth Garden

black hollyhock flower

Black Plants

Black Mondo Grass: This grass has dark, almost black foliage and is perfect for borders or as ground cover.

Black Pansy: A classic choice, these flowers have deep black petals that can give your garden a mysterious touch.

Black Hollyhock: Towering over other plants, these dark flowers can be a dramatic addition.

Maroon Plants

Maroon Coleus: With its rich maroon leaves, this plant can add depth and contrast to your garden.

Chocolate Cosmos: This flower not only looks good but also emits a subtle chocolate scent.

dark English ivy leaf

Dark Green Plants

English Ivy: This evergreen vine, often associated with old-world charm and mystery, can be used to cover walls or as ground cover.

Ferns: Perfect for shaded areas, ferns can add a touch of ancient woodland magic.


mugwort plant

Witchcraft and Folklore Plants

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade): While beautiful, this plant is highly toxic. It's often associated with witchcraft and potions. If you have pets or children, you might want to skip this one.

Artemisia/Mugwort: Historically used in divination and dream work, this herb can be a mystical addition.

Artemisia/Wormwood: Known for its use in making absinthe, it has feathery silver-green leaves.

delphinium flower closeup

Plants that Attract Toads and Spiders

Delphinium: This tall plant (along with hollyhocks, foxgloves, and sunflowers) attracts spiders, which are beneficial for pest control.

Salvia: Toads like to hide under the plants. Their presence can help keep pests at bay.

Setting the Mood

To enhance the gothic ambiance, consider adding some of these elements to your garden decor:

  • Stone Statues: Think gargoyles, angels, or mythical creatures.
  • Wrought Iron Accessories: Benches, gates, or trellises can add an old-world charm.
  • Moss: Encourage moss growth on statues or stones for an aged look.
  • Candles and Lanterns: Illuminate your garden with flickering lights for that eerie twilight atmosphere.

As Halloween approaches, a goth garden can be the perfect way to celebrate the season. A goth themed garden offers a captivating blend of beauty and mystery. Dive into our collection of perennials, plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs to start crafting your own hauntingly beautiful gothic paradise.

Note: Always ensure that the plants you choose are safe for your household, especially if you have pets or children. Some plants can be toxic if ingested.