Gifting on a Budget

That special someone on your holiday shopping list deserves the world. Too bad you can’t buy the world and manage to pay your light bill, right? Luckily, we have a wide selection of gifts that are sure to please your loved ones and your wallet! The holidays doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget after-all!

  1. The Perfect Christmas Tree
    No matter how small his apartment, this mini Christmas tree is perfect for your minimalist friend!
  2. A Dazzling Amaryllis Christmas Flower
    One look will convince anyone that this is a must-own showstopper.
  3. A Unique Bulb Garden
    Your loved one will experience the magic of the season, as these blooms emerge and grow!
  4. A Real Winter Wreath
    Give your holiday hostess the gift of a great first impression for her guests!
  5. A Growing Gift Plant
    If you need gifts for a plant lover, look no further.