Gift Plants for Beginners

These hard-to-kill houseplants are almost fool proof

Do you know someone who hasn’t quite yet discovered the joy of living with plants? Or someone who fears they may not have what it takes to keep a plant alive and healthy? Well, our selection of gifts for beginners allows you to share your love of plants with those on your gift list without worry. These living gifts were chosen for their easy-care attitude and are suitable for those with no previous plant experience.

Almost anyone can grow these hard-to-kill houseplants. They generally thrive in a wide variety of locations (dorm rooms, offices, classrooms, etc.) and withstand erratic care. Many only require an occasional light watering or misting. As long as they’re situated in the proper light—some are happy relaxing in a shady corner while some prefer sunbathing in a sunny window—they’re pretty much fool proof, so success is almost guaranteed.

And don’t forget the children in your life. Giving a child a plant to care for can be an exercise in responsibility, perhaps a prerequisite to getting a pet. Successfully nurturing a living plant, watching it thrive and possibly bloom, is highly rewarding. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem and can be the first step to a life-long love of gardening.