Evergreen Garland and Runners

Decorate the holiday home with nature's finery

Christmas is coming, and this is the year to make your home festive with the spirit of the holiday season. Fresh evergreens not only look like Christmas but also smell like Christmas with their sweet woodsy scent. Adding garland or runners of live evergreens takes your home from bah humbug to merry and bright in no time.

The gorgeous garland and the regal runner are full, luscious evergreens that can be used in lots of ways and in many locations in your home. They can be used alone or combined. Hanging a classic evergreen garland on the stair rail or draping one over the fireplace mantel is a simply timeless holiday tradition. The beautiful Christmas garland is also a great way to frame the entrance to the room that houses your Christmas tree or to accentuate your front door—a nice addition to the traditional wreath. Looking for a unique sort of centerpiece? Place a garland or runner down the middle of your dining table. You can also change things up and use your runner over a mirror or a piece of artwork on the wall.

The Jackson & Perkins garland and runner are the perfect additions to your holiday decorations this season. Caring for your evergreen decorations is actually quite easy. Check out our easy-to-follow evergreen care guide for just a handful of steps to keep your evergreens beautiful all season long.