13 Gardening Gifts that Won’t Blow Your Budget

So, you have a loved one that has been gardening for years, or maybe just really enjoys the outdoors. Either way, you want to get him or her the perfect gift. Well, here are a few ideas that are sure to be on every gardener’s wish-list!

  1. For the Bird Lover
    Spring Fruit Birdseed Casita
  2. For the Nurturer
    Greenwell Water Saver
  3. For the Chef
    Seed Starter Trio - Green Goodness
  4. For the Trend Setter
    Moss Wall Art
  5. For the Sensitive
    Jackson & Perkins Rose Gloves
  6. For the Manly Man
    Fiskars® Extendable Power-Lever® Lopper
  7. For the Homemaker
    Golden Dreams Snake Plant
  8. For the Evergetic
    Hummingbird Ring Feeders
  9. For the Rose Connoisseur
    Rose Solutions Kit
  10. For the Bird Lover
    Vintage Birdhouse
  11. For the Sophisticated
    Golden Opal Triple Opal Star Amaryllis
  12. For the Beginner
    Fiskars® Garden Bucket Caddy
  13. For the Neat Freak
    WheelEasy™ LE Foldable Garden Cart