Holiday Joy Delivered with Jackson & Perkins Amaryllis Gifts

Amaryllis: Perfect Holiday Gifts for All!

Celebrate the holiday season with the timeless elegance of Amaryllis gifts, a perfect way to bring joy and beauty to your festive gatherings. Amaryllis bulbs, exquisite arrangements, and charming accessories make for thoughtful presents that capture the spirit of the holidays. As you spread holiday cheer, indulge in the gift of giving with a special offer. Enjoy $10 off your $50 purchase, $25 off your $100 order, or a generous $50 off when you spend $150 or more on all holiday gift orders. Simply use the code BEJOLLY at checkout to unlock these exclusive savings. Elevate your holiday celebrations with the vibrant allure of Amaryllis and share the magic of the season with your loved ones.

Don't miss out on the best selection of amaryllis gifts for the holidays. By placing your order now, you secure a wide range of vibrant varieties and beautifully designed containers. Ensuring an early order means you'll have the pick of the crop, selecting the perfect blooms for your loved ones. Beat the holiday rush and secure your stunning amaryllis gifts ahead of time, guaranteeing a timely delivery and a stress-free, joyful holiday gifting experience.

Better Gifting with Jackson & Perkins

Embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season with a meaningful gesture that lights up the festivities for your loved ones. Select a stunning living gift from Jackson & Perkins for a thoughtful and memorable present that resonates with the joy of the season. Whether it's the vibrant blooms of an amaryllis or the lush foliage of a carefully curated plant, these living gifts not only decorate homes but also hearts, offering a lasting impression that embodies the true essence of the holidays. Opt for a beautiful living gift from Jackson & Perkins to make this season truly special for all those you cherish.

The exquisite selection from Jackson & Perkins ensures a range of options, from classic favorites to unique, eye-catching plants, perfect for gifting. These living gifts carry a touch of nature's beauty and serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness and care. Whether adorning a festive table or brightening a cozy corner, they bring joy that extends far beyond the holiday season, creating cherished moments and adding a touch of natural elegance to every home. Choose a living gift from Jackson & Perkins to create enduring memories and bring warmth to the hearts of those who mean the most to you.

Amaryllis make exceptional holiday gifts for various reasons, starting with their festive blooms and custom-designed containers. These vibrant, bold flowers bring a touch of seasonal cheer, with red and white varieties resonating perfectly with traditional holiday colors. Paired with specially crafted containers, these gifts are not only stunning but also embody the spirit of the season, becoming beautiful decorative pieces that add an elegant, festive flair to any space. The personalized touch of these containers amplifies the charm, making the gift not just an amaryllis, but a tailored, thoughtful present perfect for the holiday season.

Custom-Designed Amaryllis Gifts from Jackson & Perkins

"A real JOY"

"I purchased five of these as Christmas gifts for several friends. Everyone was thrilled with this beautiful, high quality plant and especially Jackson & Perkins' reputation for having the highest quality plants. Shipping was also excellent and they all arrived when I specified and in plenty of time for Christmas." -Marcia, MI

Beyond their immediate beauty, the joy of watching amaryllis grow and bloom over time adds an enchanting dimension to these gifts. It's a process that fosters anticipation and excitement as the bulb gradually transforms into a stunning, flourishing plant. Observing this growth journey, from the tender shoot emerging from the bulb to the glorious blossoming of these flowers, is an experience in itself. The act of nurturing these plants becomes a source of joy, instilling a sense of connection with nature and a fulfilling sense of accomplishment as the blooms unfurl, providing enduring happiness throughout the holiday season.

Experience the Joy of Watching Jackson & Perkins Amaryllis Gifts Grow and Bloom

"I love it!!"

"I had bought this for a Christmas present and the recipient loved it, so I thought - why not treat me?! So I did! The plant is growing great and will blossom soon. This surely is the ultimate flower-growing experience - take it out of the box, set it wherever and that's that! What a world!!" -Nan, NY

Moreover, gifting amaryllis isn't just about the present moment; it's about creating new holiday traditions and lasting memories. These plants encourage the establishment of a heartwarming ritual where each year, as the holidays approach, the anticipation of the blooms becomes a delightful tradition. The act of nurturing and witnessing the growth of these plants each year becomes a cherished memory, binding the giver and receiver in a shared, joyful experience that continues to create warmth and joy in the holiday season. The gift of an amaryllis extends far beyond the initial exchange, fostering an ongoing tradition that builds meaningful connections and lasting holiday memories.

Create Lasting Holiday Memories with Jackson & Perkins Amaryllis Gifts


"I sent these to my family in chilly Minnesota. They placed them indoors next to a window and send me pictures almost daily. They say this plant likes Minnesota. The pictures show the bulbs sprouting." -KatieK, FL

How To Care For Your Amaryllis

Discover the art of cultivating and caring for the exquisite amaryllis that has graced your home courtesy of Jackson & Perkins's Holiday collection. This enchanting flower, known for its vibrant and majestic blooms, requires a delicate touch and a few key practices to thrive. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice plant enthusiast, understanding the specific needs of the amaryllis will ensure its optimal growth and longevity. From providing the right amount of sunlight and water to choosing the ideal soil mix, each step plays a crucial role in nurturing these stunning blossoms. Embrace the journey of tending to your amaryllis, and witness the rewarding spectacle of its resplendent beauty brightening your space throughout the holiday season and beyond.