Tips: Feeding Your Garden

By now, the roses, trees and shrubs are in the ground and hopefully responding well to their new garden environment. But taking them from bareroot to flowering masterpiece requires more than watering. Feeding your garden can be tricky but with just a few easy steps, we can get your on your way to your most successful garden yet.

Feeding Your Garden

The Proper Diet

Fertilizers and plant foods have been specially developed for shrubs, roses and trees, with corresponding Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK) levels optimized for each. Knowing this, choose the fertilizer-plant food that is best suited for your garden at the growth stage of your garden. For instance, bareroot or container roses need a single application of slow release fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) including micro nutrients that will feed the plant all season long and develop healthy leaves, strong roots, and beautiful blooms.

Choose Your Form

Do you want a smoothie for lunch, or a salad? That same "liquid" vs "solid" choice must also be made for your garden. Typically, liquid plants foods are fast acting but require more regular application, while granular fertilizers deliver more slowly but have greater longevity.

Regular Feedings

Once your plants have passed the seedling stage, follow the instructions of the plant food you've chosen to encourage growth. A general rule of thumb is to under-feed than to overfertilize and risk "burning" your garden. Feeding can be a tricky and these few steps should help you get started!

Feeding Your Garden