Tips: Planting in the Fall

Nothing says summer like a beautiful blooming rose. But the road from roots to bloom takes some time, and we believe that many rose enthusiasts would benefit from using fall as the ideal time for their rose (and many perennial) plantings.

Planting in the Fall

Containers for Fall

Fall is the time for container roses, compared to bareroots. You'll notice that our fall roses are all container, versus in the spring when we offer a mix of bareroots and container roses. The harsh winter temperatures can be too much for bareroots, while containers are more likely to establish themselves more quickly.

Timing is Everything

The cool air temperatures of fall, especially at night, combined with still warm soil make planting in fall the perfect environment. Plants focus their energy on root development, while not worrying about supporting leaves or blooms. For those in northern climates, it's important to plant at least one month before the first frost.

Support Growth

Fall roses need some special considerations. For instance, fall plantings should not be pruned or fertilized, as these two actions can weaken the plant at a time when growth should be focused on root development. Additionally, mulch provides a blanket of warmth during hard freezes and gives your roses more time to grow.

Planting in the Fall