Exclusive Old Roses Are New Again

If You Love Growing Roses, You’re Going to LOVE this News!

We’re regrowing some of our – and your – most beloved historic roses from our 150-year-old collection! Think of it as a genealogy endeavor, like Ancestry.com but for roses.

And while, per rose, this process takes at least eight years to complete, we’re nearing the release of our first varieties in 2024. We’re thrilled that this work of preserving and mapping rose genetics has been undertaken by two organization with historic ties—Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, and Louisiana State University (LSU) founded in 1860.

Introduction to the rose genealogy project.

For 150 Years, We’ve Been a Brand of Firsts

We’ve grown up with rose gardeners and feel proud of that partnership; browse the slideshow for some historic highlights.


Rich History

Working with expert horticulturalists and botanists at the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens, we’ve developed an exclusive garden to carefully cultivate and propagate some of the most treasured roses in our collection. These include varieties that have not been available for many years.

LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden is an expansive collection of specialty gardens, woodlands, and wetlands, arboreta, and university research facilities. The 440-acre haven of gardens and green space in the heart of Baton Rouge has been the home to rose trials for decades. The Jackson & Perkins rose gardens are planted and maintained in a secure and exclusive area. Bringing together the premier rose and horticultural products company and one of the country’s leading horticultural education institutions in the United States.

Introducing the Rose Display and Trial Gardens

Celebrated Collections

Many of the roses we all grow and love — and have for generations — come from Jackson & Perkins. Yet many of these roses have fallen out of commerce. But that is about to change.

In addition to preserving the proprietary genetics of America’s favorite roses, the AgCenter will be breeding and releasing many fine and favorite roses that have limited or no current availability before they are lost to gardeners forever.

As rose gardeners, you know that historic roses offer a unique combination of beauty and resilience, making them a perfect addition to any garden. In addition to their aesthetic value, these roses also have a rich cultural and historical significance. They have been cherished for centuries by gardeners and non-gardeners alike and have played a significant role in shaping the landscape of gardens across the country.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these rare and special roses to our customers and to play a role in preserving the heritage of these beloved plants. We encourage all rose enthusiasts to join us in supporting this exciting partnership and to consider adding some of these historic and preserved varieties to your own garden.


J&P Exclusive Roses: Grower Favorites

Introduced by members of the AgCenter team, these are roses you can grow in your gardens today, while supplies last.