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Gifts for Garden Lovers

Jackson & Perkins Rose Gloves

With the season of giving just around the corner, many people are going to be looking for gifts for the garden lovers in their lives. Thankfully, Jackson & Perkins has a fantastic variety of living gifts, fresh-cut evergreen decorations, garden accents, tools, and more, many of which are exclusive to them.

Decorating with evergreens has long been a holiday tradition, with wreaths being a favorite for many—a fresh, fragrant accent ideal for displaying indoors or out. This year, Jackson & Perkins is offering a selection of preserved boxwood wreaths that have a uniquely refined look, unlike any of their other evergreens, which continue to be extremely popular. With minimal care, these beautiful boxwood wreaths will last for years to come.

For those "brown thumbs" on your list, a variety of succulent gardens provide lovely living gifts that are wonderfully low-maintenance and long-lasting. These attractive little terrariums are comprised of an assortment of succulents pre-planted in glass containers, two of which are designed to be hung from a hook or chain. They require almost no care in order to stay healthy and beautiful, adding delightful color and fascinating texture to any setting.

Over the years, Jackson & Perkins has increased its selection of garden accents, accessories, and tools. And since their greatest love is roses, they are always looking for the very best products for their rose gardeners. This holiday season, they are offering a new rose gauntlet glove that they are so sure will become a favorite, they've made it their own. These Jackson & Perkins branded gloves display their highly-respected name which is embroidered in brown thread across the upper part of the "sleeve." They're made of top-quality materials that are light-weight and comfortable while providing great dexterity, performance, and protection from thorns and abrasive materials. The Jackson & Perkins gauntlet gloves are the perfect gift for rose gardeners.

You'll also find a number of charming accents that are sure to bring lots of smiles. Wind chimes, garden plaques, and solar lights, just to name a few, are ideal for allowing those gardening friends a chance to add their own touch of style to their gardens, homes, and outdoor-living areas.

Jackson & Perkins may be primarily known as the provider of the world's finest roses, but their love of gardening means they strive to provide everything gardeners need or desire, and this holiday season is the perfect time to discover all the treasures they have to offer!

Jackson & Perkins, founded in 1872, quickly became the world's foremost hybridizer of garden roses, a position it maintains today, with more award-winning rose introductions than any other company. It was only natural to translate that garden expertise into the finest line of living holiday gifts.

For more information, visit jacksonandperkins.com or contact us directly at our public relations department at 1-864-941-4521.

Happy gardening!