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Espoma Organic® Weed and Grass Killer

24-Ounces | Liquid
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Fast-acting and Effective

Can be applied any time of year

Weeds, meet your worst enemy. This organic herbicide rids your lawn and garden of common weeds, moss, and algae with just a twitch of the finger. It comes in an easy to use spray bottle which means no mess, no measuring - just near-instant results. This fast acting and effective weed killer is convenient and so simple to use and any incidental overspray will not stain concrete or pavement. This weed and grass killer is a non-selective herbicide that controls many common annual weeds and suppresses the growth of some bi-annual and perennial weeds. You can apply the chemicals any time of year and it is perfectly suited for organic gardening.

Shake well before using. Do not dilute. Spray weeds and grasses thoroughly when weather is dry and warm (application rate: 6 to 9 ounces/yard). If rain falls within three hours of application an additional application may be required. Repeat the treatment every 2 to 3 weeks for control of any new growth. Avoid spraying desirable plants. For optimum results spray weeds before they reach 4 inches in size. For control of dandelions and other large rooted weeds, first injure plant by splitting the top of the root and then apply Weed and Grass Killer onto the damaged root.


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Size 24-Ounces | Liquid
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