Deer Resistant Plants

Beautiful plants that stay nibble-free

Have you ever had your heart broken when you wake up one morning and discover all the beautiful flowers have been eaten by the browsing deer? Have you decided that you can’t have a garden because a white tail made its way onto your property and feasted on your favorite flowers? Don’t give up hope. Put down the wire fence because there are a number of deer-resistant plants that the deer just don’t find appetizing and will leave alone. (Note: You can absolutely put up a fence around your existing flowers to help keep them safe, too.)

When selecting plants for your garden, keep in mind that deer generally don’t like plants with a fuzzy surface like Lamb’s Ear or plants with lots of thorns like some roses. They also don’t like plants that are highly scented. Deer rely on their sense of smell to warn them of danger, and deer-resistant flowers with extra scent make them feel vulnerable.

Jackson & Perkins has identified a group of deer-resistant perennials that are unappetizing to the deer. These deer-proof options include Echinacea, Heuchera and Helleborus, among others. These plants are colorful, can grow in sunny spots or in some shade and will give you the garden you long for without feeding the deer. Don’t say goodbye to your favorite flowers just because Bambi wanders onto your property. Instead, add these beautiful perennial plants to your garden and encourage deer to stay far away from your backyard buffet.