Cyclamen Care Guide


Open your gift and unwrap the container, then follow the instructions below carefully to grow and enjoy a healthy plant.


Cyclamen bloom in the fall, providing a colorful display lasting a couple of months. In the spring, the leaves will appear to be dying—the plant is going dormant. To force the plant to re-bloom in the fall, stop watering and store in a cool, dry area for 2 months. When new growth appears (Sept-ish) start watering.


Display in bright indirect light with indoor temperatures on the cool side, low 60s, if possible. In direct sunlight and warmer temperatures, the plant will go into early dormancy.


While in bloom, keep the soil moist, not soggy. The best way to water is by placing the pot in a water-filled tray and allowing the roots to absorb the moisture, rather than watering from above the plant.

Frosty Flurries Cyclamen

Apply a complete liquid fertilizer every 8 weeks throughout the growing period.

Jackson & Perkins offers a selection of fertilizer & plant care products. We suggest using AlgoPlus fertilizer for the general health and maintenance of your plant.

IMPORTANT: Ornamental plant material should not be eaten. Keep away from pets and children.