Cut Flower Care Tips

Article Cut Flowers
  • Use blooms that have just opened, and include some buds
  • Pick early in the morning or evening, so the stems are less likely to wilt
  • Make a clean cut with shears or a sharp knife just above a side branch on which another bloom is forming
  • Remove some of the leaves, and place the stems in WARM water, not cold, as soon as possible
  • Take a container of warm water to the cutting garden, so you can place the stems in it right away
  • Let your freshly cut blooms stand for about two hours in the coolest part of your house before arranging
  • Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline in your vases to prevent decay and contamination
  • Trim the stems using a sharp knife to be sure the cells of the stem are not compressed, which restricts water intake
  • If using preservatives, add them right away, by putting them in the container of water you take to the garden
  • When arranging your flowers, use only clean containers that are free of dirt or decay from previous flowers
  • Add fresh WARM water every day, and if you have time, give them completely fresh water every day
  • If you’re using a preservative, just add WARM water daily to replace what’s been used
  • Try to keep your cutflower arrangements out of strong sunlight and drafts