Favorite Roses

Top-selling roses and new rosarian recommended introductions

This selection includes some of the top-selling rose varieties in the US, including Jackson & Perkins exclusives, which are always popular choices. But some are new roses that our own rosarians love, and which are sure to become the favorite roses of the future. Of course, award-winners—with their extraordinary qualities that stand apart from the crowd—classics—with their amazing longevity and devoted following—and prolific bloomers—with their unstoppable explosions of vibrant, sometimes kaleidoscopic, color—always rank among the top-selling, fan-favorite roses. And fragrant roses never fail to fascinate with their alluring heavenly scents, which range from sweet to spicy and waft through the garden or perfume a room. But perhaps the most coveted of all are the reliable roses that impress with their tough-as-nails nature—resisting disease, growing easily, “defying all challenges to thrive.”

You’ll find a large assortment of favorite roses from which to choose, from roses with small, delicate blossoms to roses with big, bold, petal-packed blooms, and everything in between. There are monochromatic, bicolored, and multicolored roses that cling to their color, from impassioned reds to luminous whites. And roses from a wide variety of classes and bush sizes are represented, with something for every garden use, from patio pots and hanging baskets to trellis.

But these charming roses all have one thing in common: they do not disappoint. In fact, they leave their fans “over-the-top happy.” But don’t take others’ word for it, discover the magic of these enchanting roses for yourself.