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Mixed Container Plantings with Roses: Color, Texture, and Fragrance for Any Space

Add brilliant color, fantastic texture, and tantalizing fragrance to areas that usually go without by creating mixed container plantings that utilize roses as their main feature. Jackson and Perkins offers a huge variety of 2-quart roses that combine the ease of bedding plants with the beauty of America’s favorite flower, making them ideally suited to planting in mixed containers.
patio rose
The most obvious choices for use in containers are Miniature and Miniflora roses such as 'Sun Sprinkles', 'Hot Tamale', 'Cinnamon Girl', and 'Liberty Bell' since they have a naturally compact size at maturity as well as vibrantly colored blossoms. However, a number of Floribundas and Hybrid Teas, including Disneyland®, Our Lady of Guadalupe™, 'Sedona', Beloved™, and 'Heirloom' are excellent candidates as well.

When choosing a container, be sure to select one that's large enough to allow consistent air circulation around your plants, probably one that is a good 18 inches deep and wide. Roses can remain in planters for 2 to 3 years before they need to be moved to a larger container, or at the very least, have the soil changed and the roots slightly trimmed.

The most common design method for mixed container plantings is the "thriller, filler, spiller" approach, the "thriller" being the tall, focal plant, the "fillers" tending to be upright, bushy plants, and the "spillers" varieties that hang or drape over the sides of the pot. However, roses tend to be both "thriller" and "filler" as they are rather bushy with lovely foliage. Additional bushy plants may overrun the roses, taking away from their visual appeal. So the best approach may be to use a rose as the focal point, then add "spillers" such as sun-loving annuals like Lantana and Calibrachoa. Heliotropes, Summer Snapdragons, and Verbena also have modest water requirements and will fill in the spaces around roses nicely. And you can completely change the look every year by planting different annuals each time.

There is almost no limit to the colors and textures you can enjoy when creating a rose combination planting. And Jackson and Perkins provides not only an enormous selection of roses and companion plants, but you can also be assured that they are all of the highest quality available on the market today. It's time to start designing something new and exciting for your home!

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Happy gardening!