Caring for Perennials: Peony (Paeonia)

A Guide to Caring for Perennials: Peony (Paeonia)

PLANTING: Space plants 3 ft apart in full sun or light shade, the latter being preferable in southern-most zones. The ideal soil is rich and moisture retentive, but well drained. When planting, set the root clumps in the hole so that the “eyes” or growing points are covered with no more than 1-2 inches of soil. Do not plant too deeply or your peony will not prosper.

MAINTENANCE: It is vital that these plants be kept well watered during their growing season. As peonies are heavy feeders, fertilize each spring with a high phosphorous fertilizer after growth has started. When cutting, remove as little foliage as possible, since the leaves are necessary for plant growth and vigor. Remove spent flowers and, in the fall, cut back dead foliage. Established plants prefer not to be moved. In situations exposed to heavy winds, staking or a plant support hoop may be necessary. Zones 3 through cooler portions of 8.

Where to plant: Light Requirements: Full Sun

Moisture Requirements: Moist, Well-drained

Soil Tolerance: Normal, Loamy

Spacing: Mound-shaped, Height 2 ft 6 in Width 2 ft 6 in

Uses: Border, Cut Flowers, Outdoor

Bloom Start to End: Late Spring - Early Summer

General Planting Instructions

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