Care Instructions Coast Redwood

Dwarf Coast Redwood Care

The Coast Redwoods of California are among the tallest trees in the world. In nature they grows to be 40' - 300' feet in height and live to be many hundreds of years old; some live to several thousand years. This small-scale tree will delight for many years to come. Use the general guidelines below as a point of reference.

Light Exposure:

Coast Redwoods like bright light but can also tolerate partial shade. In the landscape they enjoy full sun. This would tend to dry them out too quickly. Dwarf Coast Redwood A location that offers morning sun only or filtered light most of the day is ideal in providing correct light without drying the plant out too quickly. When grown indoors tree should be kept a minimum of 24” from windows as they will act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves.

Water/ Fertilizer:

Water as needed to keep soil moist, not wet. Watering frequency varies with location and climate. Occasional misting is also advised for the Coast Redwood. A well balanced liquid fertilizer can be applied every 6 weeks or so during the growing season.

If a few shoots get dry, remove them to encourage fresh new growth.


Coast Redwoods want to grow in a pyramidal shape. Keeping them miniaturized is best achieved by pruning the longest shoots, removing all but the last 1-2 inches of growth from last season, in the winter.

During the growing season you may prune back any growth that visually detracts from the pyramidal shape. This will help to keep it to scale with the container. Every 2-3 years, in the winter, remove the plant from the container and prune away 1/3 of the existing rootball. Re- pot with fresh soil.

Winter Period:

Coast Redwoods are an evergreen and will retain their leaves year round. Water when necessary. They will tolerate occasional freezing conditions but their roots should not be exposed to these extremes. In regions with colder climates, the Coast Redwood may be successfully grown indoors as a houseplant.