Gift Plants for Bright Light

A perfect addition to living and working environments

Living without houseplants these days seems almost barbaric. Okay, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but considering what we’ve learned about all the ways plants improve our living environments and our overall health and well-being, it may not be that far off the mark. So, when you’re looking for a gift to send a favorite friend or colleague or a beloved family member, keep in mind that plants not only help us breathe easier by purifying and humidifying our air but also improve our mood; naturally lower our anxiety levels, heart rates, and blood pressure; and boost our productivity as well as our creativity.

Houseplants also make us happier by making our homes more beautiful. Some even have fragrant flowers that naturally perfume the air, but even without blooms, their colorful foliage can be every bit as lovely. Indoor plants liven up a room and present endless decorating opportunities, especially in rooms abounding in sunshine. But we all have at least some natural sunlight, enough to sustain most bright-light varieties.

Really, with all that plants have to offer, and with so many attractive and easy-to-grow options, why would you ever allow friends and family to live without them? With these sun-happy options you don’t have to. They make the perfect gift, and as always with Jackson &Perkins, you can rest assured your gift will be of the highest quality and arrive at its destination well packed and in good condition.