A Natural Fit: Valentine’s Day, Love, and Gardening. It’s Why We Say, “Love Is in Bloom”

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Posted on 01/17/2024

Celebrate with Unique Plant Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, an ode to affection, and a perfect occasion to express heartfelt feelings. Plants are emblematic of relationships, when you properly care for them, they bloom. So, give plants to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day to show affection to your wife, gratitude to your parents, nurturing to your significant other, and care for your friends.

Why Choose Plant Gifts This Valentine’s Day?

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Flowers and plants are more than just gifts; they are symbols of life and growth. Pick a rose that blooms in their favorite color, or a flowering shrub that brings butterflies to the garden (we deliver live plants at the right time for planting, you can reserve them now, houseplants ship when requested based on purchase date). While traditional bouquets are beautiful, why not give something that lasts, like our preserved roses or a vibrant plant? It's a reminder of your love.

Preserved Roses: Long-lasting Beauty

preserved roses for Valentine’s Day

Have you seen preserved roses? Captured at their peak bloom, these roses are treated to retain their gorgeous, quintessential rose form, in traditional and unexpected colors, for at least one year. A gift of preserved roses needs no maintenance, just pull the ribbons to “pop” them up and display in their designer box.


Dried Wreaths

preserved roses for Valentine’s Day

The round shape of wreaths illustrates the circle of love, an important symbol on Valentine’s Day. Dried wreaths add a vintage vibe that warms up home decor with calming colors and an organic look. Handcrafted with care, these wreathes bring a piece of nature’s tranquility into homes, and since they’re dried, they’re extra long-lasting. Send one as a Valentine’s Day gift.


Living Plants Express Growing Love

plant gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

For those who enjoy gardening or appreciate the beauty of live plants, our collection offers a range of choices. From the lush foliage of indoor houseplants to the vibrant colors of outdoor blooms, each plant is a living example of the importance of nurturing and the rewards that come with that.


Gardening Gifts to Cultivate Your Love, and Their Hobby

For gardeners and aspiring gardeners, consider gifting gardening tools, planters, or even a unique rose variety that they can enjoy. Gardening gifts are a wonderful way to show that you support their hobbies. By sending gardening gifts, you can share your love of gardening on Valentine’s Day, too.

Gifts that you nurture and care for and gifts you simply unbox and enjoy, this Valentine’s Day send a representation of growing relationships with plants and organic gifts.

At Jackson & Perkins, we don't only sell plants; we share a legacy of gardening excellence and a passion for nature. Our guarantee ensures that each gift is of the highest quality, and our dedication to innovation means we’re always offering something new and exciting.